Canada & New England – With major ports on both sides of the country, Canada has become well known as a cruise destination. As the gateway to Alaska, one of the world’s most popular cruise routes, the west of Canada is more prominent as a start point for many cruises, while the east coast provides a destination within itself for those wishing to explore some
of the most stunning scenery on offer on the east coast of North America.

Cruises to the east coast of Canada are common and will often take in parts of the East Coast USA as well, a description of which is covered in one of our earlier
destination guides. Key to a cruise in the region is trip down the St. Lawrence river. The St. Lawrence can take cruise guests into the heart of Quebec and Montreal, both of which provide fantastic opportunities for exploring the old town and cultural centres of Canada’s major cities. The cruise also provides stunning scenery including the incredible Montmorency Falls – taller than the Niagara Falls yet only a few kilometres away from Quebec and best viewed from the river. The St. Lawrence is wide but still provides a feel of river cruising, which means ocean customers can get an experience of both styles of cruising. Cruises here will also
explore Newfoundland and Labrador, experiencing great ports such as St. Johns, which has magnificent churches, Corner Brook, for its stunning local scenery, and Halifax, a city with a strong seafaring history. Indeed, Halifax’s claim to cruise fame is as the birthplace of Samuel Cunard, founder of the eponymous transatlantic line, and a statue of him can be found by the quayside.

On the west coast, Vancouver is one of the largest cruise ports in the region and, along with Seattle, provides a regular turnaround port for those wishing to explore Alaska. However, there are attractions to Vancouver itself. The beautiful Stanley Park, which faces directly onto the Pacific and provides incredible views and space for walking, as well as brilliant museums and cultural attractions are all on offer here. Meanwhile in Victoria, slightly further south from Vancouver, one can find the fascinating Butchart Gardens, some of the most iconic botanical gardens in the world.

Becoming more popular now and giving the chance for a completely different view of Canada, the Northwest Passage provides some of the most stunning scenery and locales for cruising in the world. Weaving in between ship graveyards and overwintering sites for intrepid explorers the voyage through the NW Passage provides one of the most remarkable journeys in the world, and shows the lengths and bravery of Arctic expeditioners in the past.

Overall, there are a number of incredible options when cruising in Canada, all of which provide a completely different type of cruise depending on what you want to do. Combined with a transatlantic voyage or a stay in one of the brilliant cities in Canada beforehand, a cruise in Canada can offer the best of all types of cruising all in one voyage.

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