There are few places as suited to a cruise holiday as Alaska. The incredible scenery yet top quality infrastructure provided in the region allows for a perfect blend of exploration and ease for many cruise passengers who wish to discover the wilderness but don’t want to undertake an expedition. Famed ports such as Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan provide small towns filled with history, yet are able to cater for all but the hugest of modern cruise ships.

This, of course, can lead to ports being crowded, however the incredible sail ins more than make up for this, while the variety of scenic options mean this can be bypassed for those wishing to avoid other passengers. Exploration types can be both cultural & historic, with sites famous for ancient tribal rituals and the gold rush that first brought settlers to the region on offer, while one can also venture into the untamed forests and mountains of the state that encompasses the 5 largest (and many more) legally defined Wilderness areas in the United States.

Those with an interest in the natural world will not only find the incredible forests and rough country of Alaska fascinating, but will also encounter incredible wildlife with Humpback Whales, Grizzly & Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Caribou and Moose all present in the area, along with the stunning scenes that happen around the migration period of the Salmon, when millions of the fish attempt to swim up river, jumping out of the water with the sheer effort of swimming against the powerful current.

Alaskan cruises mainly require guests flying to the West Coast of the USA or Canada, with Seattle, Vancouver or San Francisco known as the main ports for voyages north. This therefore means that Alaskan holidays can often be combined with fantastic cruise & stay opportunities either prior or post voyage with great attractions available in all 3 of these key cities.

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