The classic European cruise, a trip round the many islands of the Mediterranean sea is a voyage that offers fabulous climate, rich history, diverse culture and relaxing tranquillity all in one. For many years, people have been traversing the beautiful blue waters of Europe’s largest sea, but now it has become one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

The Mediterranean has literally thousands of islands, some of which are large key cruise destinations and some of which are tiny and uninhabited. There is a huge range and choice when it comes to choosing which island you travel with and with cruise lines constantly looking for new and exciting itineraries, the Mediterranean still has enough ports to offer something different every-time. While there are still the classic island ports of Santorini, Valetta, Mykonos, Palermo and Cagliari, new ports and perspectives are always available, especially as many lines now specialise in the area.

Most of the islands are key tourist destinations and are therefore completely prepared for a wave of cruise ship passengers, however it is always worth noting that with the size of some of these destinations, many of the ports will be requisite of tendering and therefore this should always be checked before confirmation. Cruises round the isles tend not to start from the UK, but there is a huge range of turnaround ports which can give you access to different parts of this sea, such as Istanbul, Venice, Piraeus and Genoa. Some cruise lines even operate dual stops at islands in one day due to the short distance in between them, so this is worth looking out for if you want to see as much as possible.

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