With over 700 islands & cays, The Bahamas are one of the Caribbean’s largest island groups covering a massive 180,000 square miles from just east of the United States down to the Turks & Caicos islands and the Caribbean Sea. Well known to cruise customers as one of the world’s most common ship registries, the Bahamas is also
host to the majority of cruise lines’ private islands and is therefore a regular call for most lines with a presence in the Caribbean.

Cruises to the Bahamian islands can either come as part of a wider Caribbean cruise or, for many larger US based lines, as a cruise specifically taking them in. Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line in particular all run cruises out of the US that take in the Bahamas from their US ports. This is particularly useful for many lines who are not US flagged, as the Bahamas proximity means lines can take in a number of ports for a packed cruise and return to the same port swiftly.

The Cruise Industry provides a huge amount of money to the country and consequently the economy of the Bahamas is quite strong and, although there are still housing & educational difficulties in the country, this is noticeable in the modern resorts and settlements that are accessible for visitors to the islands. The majority of the population live in Nassau, the capital of the country, and therefore this is the largest and most modern city, as well as the location for the major tourist hotels & resorts. Indeed, over 5/6ths of the population are split between the island of New Providence, location of Nassau, and Grand Bahama, which hosts the country’s next largest 2 residential areas.

Cruising to the Bahamas offers fantastic opportunities for watersports and natural ecological tourism with incredible clear waters and beautiful beaches, as well as incredible geographical features. As a major destination for cruise, the majority of ports have facilities for ships to call alongside, so while they may not be the most attractive of landing places, embarkation and disembarkation should be swift and easy, allowing consumers the maximum time to enjoy the fantastic weather and lifestyle in these Caribbean islands.

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