Caribbean, a region which is synonymous with the Cruise Industry, there are next to no lines which do not indulge in the beauty and relaxation of a Caribbean cruise at some point across their calendar. Itineraries commonly start from the major hubs of Miami or Fort Lauderdale, but there are some lines which will take in the Caribbean from the UK with a Transatlantic crossing included, often stopping at the Azores or Bermuda on the way. The Caribbean also plays its part in World Cruises as stops in the region are regular prior to a Panama Canal Crossing.

The beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, friendly locals and rich history all play their part in making the Caribbean a varied region and it can be a great itinerary whatever a potential customer is looking for, as it covers all of the best points of a cruise holiday. Many cruise lines have invested in their own private islands in the Caribbean and these have become a unique selling point for each line as part of their efforts to differentiate themselves in what is quite a saturated market.

The Caribbean can be split into the distinct Western, Eastern and Southern Caribbean areas and itineraries often stick to these areas, but obviously the proximity to each other in this relatively small sea mean that many lines will juggle itineraries to keep them fresh. The Southern Caribbean covers Northern South America, the former Dutch colonies in the Netherlands Antilles such as Aruba and Curacao and Trinidad & Tobago, one of the larger island nations. The Eastern Caribbean is the region that those aforementioned ex-UK itineraries will reach and covers some of the most beautiful and famous islands such as Barbados, St. Lucia, the British Virgin Islands and Antigua, while the Western Caribbean contains famous cruise ports like Grand Cayman and developing destinations such as Cuba, now freed from its cruise ship embargo by the recent easing of US/Cuban diplomatic tensions.

A Caribbean Cruise has something for everyone and therefore this is a great option for first-time cruisers and experienced travellers alike. Rates in the Caribbean can also regularly be very reasonably priced, however it is always worth noting the length of the itinerary, as this may dictate the clientele, and that rates do not include air travel to the USA from the UK.

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