While a staple region for many a world cruise, cruising in Asia is still a less common option for British guests, primarily due to the flight times involved with travelling from the UK. However with the rapid rise of cruise popularity amongst the local population of this region it is a place where cruise is only going to grow and the placement of some of the world’s newest and most popular ships, including those of lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess and Celebrity to name but a few, shows this. One common concern about itineraries here is the fact that distances between locations mean that cruises have historically been longer, however with current investment in the infrastructure and knowledge of the region the variety, versatility and flexibility of these itineraries should increase.

With major shipping ports in the area such as Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as the beautiful retreats of the Thai islands and Kota Kinabalu & Penang in Malaysia, South East Asia has a wide range of different experiences to offer while still being able to offer ports with the infrastructure in place that allows for exploration. It is however worth noting that with many South & East Asian ports the distances between port and city can be quite lengthy. Both Port Kelang (Klang) for Kuala Lumpur and Laem Chabang for Bangkok require some travel to reach the city centre, albeit through the stunning countryside and culture that is on offer in the region.

Many Asian itineraries are part of a world cruise, but across the year you will find that many niche and luxury lines offer fascinating island hopping itineraries in the area, while there are also a number of incredible river itineraries in the area along the Yangtze and the Mekong. Cruises to the region often start from Australia however, with the increased infrastructure you will now find more beginning on mainland Asia so this cruise region is sure to grow massively in the near future.

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