West Coast USA may not have the maritime history and heritage of their cousins on the East Coast, but with incredible sail-ins like San Francisco, famous places like Los Angeles and surprising cultural destinations like Portland, it is no surprise that it is an incredibly popular cruise destination. And this is all before we talk about the fact that the West Coast is the gateway to incredible destinations like Alaska and Hawaii.

Because of the popularity of Alaska, which we will cover in a separate guide, the ports along the West Coast are often busy, and the region is also regularly used as a stop off point before crossing the Pacific during World Cruises. This popularity has also increased the ease of embarking here, which is also helped by many of the ports being city centre or equivalent, means that overland options or staying on prior or post your voyage is particularly easy.

While San Francisco and Los Angeles are well documented holiday destinations the ports further north such as Seattle and Portland should not be discounted. Seattle has a long marine history and is currently the home of the Holland America Line group, meaning this company particularly hosts a number of departures from here. Portland, meanwhile, has gained a reputation as a particularly hip city with a great culture of festivals, sport and craft beer – the city’s popularity is sure to grow and has become a must-do destination for many of those interested in culture.

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