Arctic & Greenland – Occupying the no-man’s-land at the top of the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland doesn’t really seem to belong anywhere. Though it has historical and cultural ties to Denmark, the immense island is not really part of any continent, meaning it is often overlooked by travellers hopping ‘over the pond’.

But the mysterious island holds secret wonders in its stunning Nordic landscape; including majestic mountain ranges, jagged fjords and giant glaciers. Sparsely populated, Greenland is a paradise for outdoor adventurers keen on activities like kayaking, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, dog sledding, whale watching and scuba diving. Truly an all-season travel destination, Greenland is also a popular place to see both the Northern Lights and the famed Midnight Sun, which keeps the northern parts of the island sunny for weeks on end in summer.

Though Greenland’s population is small and scattered, the culture of the local Inuit tribes blends with the heavy Scandinavian influences to create a unique blend of Europe and North America that proves fascinating to intrepid explorers. Many quaint villages are scattered along the country’s west coast, including popular towns like Nanortalik, Qassiarsuk, and the capital city of Nuuk. Though the towns and cities of Greenland can’t compete with global capitals in terms of nightlife and shopping, the frontier feel of the settlements is supported by good infrastructure for active holidays in Greenland, including good hotels and restaurants, and interesting museums and cultural attractions.

Largely unexplored by package holiday tourists, travelling to Greenland allows an opportunity to trek off the beaten path and experience the undiscovered treasures of the north Atlantic isle.

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